Glycolic Acid Acne Treatment

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Glycolic acid acne treatment is a completely natural treatment method. Glycolic acid is derived from fruits similarly to citric acid. There is another acid called lactic acid which is also effective for acne and scarring but is derived from milk.

How does glycolic acid cure acne? Basically, it reduces the bond of the thing that keep your skin together. Once they are loosen, the skin falls away and new skin can come through. This is the forte of the 3 acids mentioned above. All of them are classified under the family of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). The brother of AHA is Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). There is only 1 kind of BHA which is the famous salicylic acid which works wonders on acne and scarring too.

This method usually works in about 15 to 20 minutes, it is one of the fastest acne treatments out there especially for people who are impatient with many other kinds of home remedies. Many people recommend using it once about every 2 weeks to maintain clear skin.

You will see glycolic acid in a wide range of gels, lotions, scrubs and face masks, all with the treatment of acne in mind. Although glycolic acid is very good for acne and its scars, it causes your skin to be sun sensitive just as with all other acids. This means it is easy to get sun burned. Obviously, never go for any kinds of suntanning be it indoor or outdoor when you are affected by acne or its scarring unless you are happy with them living on your face for a VERY long time. Sunscreen is recommended to be used if you will be under the Sun for periods.

Glycolic acid acne uses doesn't just get rid of existing active acne, continual use can also prevent future outbreaks! The majority of dermatologists actually recommend this treatment because of how well it works.

In conclusion, glycolic acid works great for curing active acne by shedding the dead skin on your face and removes scarring by exfoliating the surface. Share with me your views on this under comments! :)

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Glycolic Acid Acne Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/04/02